Tryouts/practice for all levels begin on Monday, February 28 for the 2022 season.  Unless a coach notifies you, tryout for your grade level team.  In order to tryout, you must:

  • Be academically eligible!  You must have passed 6 classes from the 1st semester.
  • Complete and turn in tryout packet to Coach Jones AND complete PRIVIT online by February 19th.  Within the packet you should have the following:
    • Physical Form  Have an updated physical on file with school.  You can check with Mrs. Schade (athletic director secretary) or the nurse if you are unsure if your physical is up to date.
    • Player Profile Sheet
    • Player/Parent Contract
    • Transportation Form  Please disregard if you are a Freshman.  This gives permission for varsity players to drive to some games when the situation calls for it (i.e. night games, Saturday games, etc…)

Always be prepared to go outside or inside.  Essentially that means have the following items with you every day for practice:  tennis shoes, baseball hat, baseball pants, t-shirt (no sleeveless or tank tops), shorts, glove, bat (if desired), baseball shoes (spikes or cleats), long sleeve shirt, and sweatshirt.  The weather and facility availability will determine if we practice outside or inside as well as what time each group will practice.

  • If weather is poor, there is a good chance we will have to re-arrange our tryout times to accommodate all levels and other sports programs since gym space will be at a premium.  For example, the Freshmen and JV may practice directly after school for an hour while the Varsity may practice at 6:00-8:00.  This will be communicated by coaches during the week.

This is a tryout.  You must be prepared.  The date for final cuts will be determined by a number of factors, although it is likely that the final teams will be selected by Friday, March 4th.  If you have any questions or concerns see your coach.  Once the team is made, a parent meeting will be held the following day, Saturday, March 5 at 11:00 a.m.  All parents of kids that make teams are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting even if your child has made the baseball team a previous year.

Can Freshmen play on Junior Varsity or Varsity?

YES.  All of the coaches are constantly looking at the big picture and evaluating competition for each position according to grade level.  We consider playing time and each team's specific needs.  As a program we will focus on player development, yet still place an importance to compete at a level to achieve success as a team during games.

How many players are usually kept on each level?

There is no specific number we look to keep for each team.  Too many kids and it limits playing time.  Not enough and the potential for injuries could cause a real issue in regard to having to pull kids up or have kids playing positions that are not conducive to their strengths or the program’s goals.  As a staff, we keep many things in mind when putting together each team in the program.

How are practices organized?

The varsity will always practice on the main field while the Freshmen will practice on the “B/top” field.  The JV will swing back and forth depending on what the Varsity has for their practice objectives.  Each player must participate in 14 practices in order to be eligible for games.


How are the players being evaluated for tryouts?

Players are constantly being evaluated throughout the school year, long before the season begins.  There are expectations for kids to be involved in other sports programs at Summit.  If they are not playing a winter sport, the kids are expected to attend after school strength training workouts as well as open gyms.  These are offered several times each week leading up go the tryout date.  As a staff, we want to provide enough opportunities for kids to be as prepared for tryouts as we can.





We give kids as many opportunities as possible to showcase their attitude, effort and talent.  Player will be given opportunities to field ground balls, catch fly balls, pitch, catch, hit, and run.

We try to get pitchers the opportunity to throw off the mound at least twice.  We highly suggest trying out for pitcher and giving it a shot.   Any way you may find to get yourself on the field will optimize your chances of making the team.

Multiple coaches on our staff will take time out during try-outs to spend with the Freshmen group.  Having as many eyes as we can evaluate that group is especially important because we have typically seen them play the least amount.

Junior Varsity & Varsity

These tryouts are organized more to be like a typical practice.  This allows the coaches to see the kids in a practice format that will be conducive to the rest of the season.  Of course, the weather also plays a major part in what we are able to do at these practices/tryouts.

Pitchers will throw off the mound at least twice.  We highly suggest trying out for pitcher and giving it a shot.  Any way you may find to get yourself on the field will optimize your chances of making the team.


Best advice...

Tryout week should be exciting for all the players but it can be very nerve racking at the same time.  My best advice for anyone that plans to try-out for Summit baseball is:

  1.   Have a great attitude
  2.   Have a great work ethic
  3.   Attend all the off-season sessions in January/February

Keep in mind, we as a staff take the task of assembling the teams very serious and there is much discussion amongst the coaches in regard to who deserves to make the teams.  There have been instances in the past where an individual has been more talented than another kid yet we as a staff decided to cut the more talented kid.  Being talented is extremely important but it is not the “end all be all” with try-outs.

Please understand, making cuts is the absolute worst thing we have to do as coaches.  We dread the day when we have to tell some of these young men that they did not make the high school baseball team.  Some of the kids have been playing baseball almost all their life and we know that being told “you did not make the team” is not a very easy thing to hear.

For that reason, we will talk to each kid individually and explain why at this point they are not a good fit for the team.  If your child does not make the high school baseball team that does not mean that is the end of the line for them with their baseball playing.  Ballwin Athletic Association has a league in the spring and this is a good place to continue playing to prepare for their summer teams.

As always, feel free to contact myself, Jason Schneider, if you would like to discuss any decision regarding your son.  My email is and my phone number is 314-973-9739.